We want to hear what is going on with your child and the district.  We want to hear what you are concerned about and what you want to change.  Then we’ll ask about the data that you have that we could work with if you want to move forward. If you can join by computer we will show you work samples.  At the end, we will ask you if you want to talk about pricing for the service and moving forward.  No heavy sales pitch, its really a listening session for us and an opportunity for you to ask questions and see the work products.

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What happens during the free consultation?

We will send you a link to pay for your service and to watch a short video about working with the secure file transfer service DropBox.  Once we have all your files, we’ll send you another email that indicates the files have all been received and that we are starting work.

Your report package will be ready in about 2 weeks.  We will post your files to your dropbox and contact you to schedule the review. We will meet up on Zoom, the video conference portal so we can walk you through the reports live and you can ask questions.  We can have as many people as you like to join the discussion from anywhere, so the more the merrier.

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How does it work?  How do we get started?
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We offer a data refresh service.  When you have a set of updates you’d like us to make, contact us and upload your files.  Contact us for pricing, but it will not exceed 25% of your original starter package pricing. If you want, you can unlock your analysis package and update your own reports, after watching a short video about your files and how they work. We will be here for you if you have questions.
What if I’m not happy with the service, what happens then?
We are confident that you will be amazed with our service but if there is a problem we want to hear about it and make it right.  Ultimately if you are unhappy, we will refund your money.  But we don’t really think that will happen.

I get new data all the time through the IEP process, how can I update the analysis?

Both Lawyers and Advocates need facts to work with as they advocate for your child, and the more facts the better.  With this set of analysis, you quickly arm them with more that they can use in their work.  It will also speed their ability to grasp the facts of the situation, which may end up saving money when they bill hourly. Compare the costs of our service to their hourly rate and ask yourself how many hours they would have to spend reviewing your data in its current form to get the facts they need for their work.

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I already have a lawyer or advocate, or both?  Why would I need this too?
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How is your service better than what I have now?

If your district is like ours, there is lots of data but its not in a visual form.  The ability to see the data in time order, year-showing year over year progress makes it very easy to see if the line is going up, going down or staying the same.

We also drop a vertical line in to show when IEP services began, so it is clear whether the services have impacted results – again, is the line going up, down or staying the same. We add the goal line or other important data point so you can see the white spaces between your child’s performance and the important baselines.   This shows how close the performance is to desired levels.

The data will speak very clearly.  The picture will give you the facts.