Services & Pricing

Here's how it works....


  1. You select and pay for the package you want (see descriptions below)

  2. We'll schedule a 30 minute video conference to talk about your child, goals, and data you have.

  3. We'll set up your DropBox, a secure folder that you will load your documents to by taking photos or uploading files.  You will not be able to see any other clients folders and they will not see yours.  

  4. When the folder contains all the documents, we'll assign the team, give them access to the folder, and start the work.  

  5. Most report packages will be ready within 2 weeks not including US Holidays.  If there is a tremendous amount of data for a "Full Monty" package, it could take 3 weeks.  You'll know in our planning meeting if that is the case.

  6. When the reports are ready, we'll schedule a 1 hour video conference to review. You'll have plenty of time to ask questions, review the charts and graphs, tailor findings and we'll record it for you if you like.  

  7. We'll post your final documents to your DropBox and we'll print and send copy by mail.

  8. We will be here to answer questions, update the reports with additional data over the year, and assist you in your efforts to advocate for your child.

The Base Package.

Includes 2 analysis packages, one for report card data and one for state and district standardized testing.  This package is great if you want to know whether the IEP is working.  We'll look at the data from before the IEP and after to see if we can observe improvement in the students performance over time.


Pricing for this package is based on the grade the child is in and assumes the child has been in the same district.

  • Kindergarten – 1st grade - $199

  • 2nd-5th grade - $399

  • 6th-8th - $499

  • 8th-12th - $599

If the child has data from multiple districts we'll take a look to see is there is an additional small charge needed to combine the data sets.


The “It's not working” Package Add-On

Add $250 to the base package.

Includes everything in the "Starter" package, plus custom charts and graphs from additional sources like reading assessments, evaluations, and or progress monitoring. We’ll do up to 10 additional graphs and charts illustrating the facts from the additional testing results.  This could include comparison results from Triennial Revaluation, or Independent Educational Evaluations. 




The "Full Monty" Package Add-On - 

Add $625 to the base package

This package is for families headed into district negotiations, mediation, and court. We’ll graph up testing results from all the data you have, working closely with you and your team to customize the data that is selected for analysis and presentation. In addition to the Starter package, we will work up to 25 additional graphs and charts illustrating facts from the entire file you have.


What I want isn’t described here, now what?

It’s easy, call us up.  We will talk about what you want to do and establish a price that makes sense.