No One Cares More About Your Child's Success in School as You Do!
  • Does your child struggle with reading or spelling?  

  • Want the school to evaluate your child but don’t know how to go about it?  


  • If the school is evaluating,  do you know how to own your role in the process?  


  • If your child is already in an IEP,  do you suspect it’s not working as well as the school claims?  


  • Have you hired an advocate or lawyer to assist in mediation or litigation?

The key to being more effective in advocating for your child is to have command of the data that is used to make decisions. 
Do You Know The Data Facts About Your Child's Performance?

You need factual data so you can make sound decisions regarding services in your child’s IEP.

That’s why we present this data in bold graphics that are easy to grasp at a glance.

This command of your child’s performance will enable you to tell his or her story your way.


Thanks to our simple charts and graphs, you’ll quickly have answers you are looking for:




Here's How We Put the Information Together to Empower You to be an Even More Effective Advocate Than You Are Today
In a nutshell....
  • We take data from multiple years and we put it on one page.
  • We create pictures, in the form of charts and graphs, so you can see at a glance whether it's improving, regressing or staying the same.
  • We summarize data and conclusions for powerful statements about how the child is performing against benchmarks
  • We put important markers on the pictures so you can see before and after (e.g. start of IEP services, the start of OG Tutoring, etc)
  • We use these pictures to put together the story of how the student is progressing, or not, so you can advocate for more services, different services, or placement.